Word of the Week

Last week almost everything was taken up by the potential shutdown of the  government and budget cutting.  So the only word heard repeatedly was “extreme.”

Harry Reid called budget cuts extreme. Senator Chuck Schumer decried everything the Republicans proposed as extreme. In fact, he was overheard on a conference call telling fellow Democrats that extreme was the way they should portray the Republican budget.

The only problem is it didn’t work. It didn’t work on several levels. First, the American people don’t see $30-40 billion in cuts as extreme. Not when it’s just a fraction of the total budget and less than our debt payments in a week. When we’re talking trillions, $38 billion is miniscule.

Then, hasn’t the view of extreme changed anyhow? Spell it Xtreme and slap it on whatever product you’re selling and it’s a plus. Xtreme pizza, gum, hamburgers, ice cream – it means bigger and better. Xtreme sports means more adventuresome. Xtreme vacations means it’s more interesting. So this tactic proved extremely unsuccessful.

I think I prefer the word Drudge used on Saturday under a picture of John Boehner after he avoided a shutdown: Winning.

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