It Just Gets Better

As information trickles out on the deal House speaker John Boehner brokered with the Obama administration and the Senate, it looks even better.

Powerline blog finds that “numerous studies of the health care bill will be ordered, the results of which could provide the GOP with juicy political ammunition heading into next year’s election.” Then, yearly audits by the General Accounting Office and private industry on the impact of last year’s financial services reform package will be done, too. Interesting what will surface then, especially in the collusion of banks and politicians.

The agreement also bans the IRS from hiring any more agents. This is one of the tactics to neuter the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. D.C. will be blocked from using federal funds for abortions, too.

National Review concludes the Republicans “have successfully moved the ball and set the stage for the coming battles. Democrats control two-thirds of the government, but they are playing on our turf. They look weak and disoriented.”

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