Donald, While You’re at It…

Obama's Scar
Since Donald Trump seems to be the only person willing to ask questions about Obama’s birth certificate, maybe he will ask  about the weird scar that  runs across Obama’s head.

There is a picture of Obama at a White House Christmas party talking to George Lopez, Michelle looking on in the background. In it you can see a very long scar that covers the sides and back of his head. It curves up over the crown. What is that from? Evidently the question has been asked, but has been brushed off by the White House.

Clarice Feldman at the has asked about it as has the Daily Mail. They wonder, as anyone would, whether it is from some kind of brain surgery. Since he hasn’t released his medical records as well as his birth certificate, there is no information out there to explain it.

Is that why he needs a teleprompter even when addressing a kindergarten class? Has there been some disease that has been rooted out? Has it left him with memory loss?

Why after two years of non stop campaigning and more than two years in office is Barack  Obama still so unknown to us?

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