Be Careful What You Wish For

The Democrats and unions were so angry in Wisconsin over Governor Scott Walker’s success in ending collective bargaining for federal employees that they thought it would convert into election victories.

We see from Prosser’s victory in the state Supreme Court race that it did not. It may not in the recall elections either, according to workers on the ground in Wisconsin. Legal Insurrection blogger William Jacobson predicts¬† a Massachusetts miracle in Wisconsin.

“A funny thing happened on the way to the recall,” he writes. He quotes political operatives there as saying the Democrats in the recall districts are in more danger than the Republicans they hoped to overthrow.

First, the unions flamed out on Prosser. They threw everything they had at that race and are now demoralized about the recall elections. Alarmed citizens and Republicans have been invigorated.

As Dan Hunt of Recall Wirch tells it his ground had almost no money to collect signatures, but still managed to get thousands more than needed ahead of the April 25 deadline. The unions tried to intimidate their group, showing up at signature collecting events and daring passersby to stop.  They shouted and waved protest signs, but the Republicans outmaneuvered them.

Our group used union tactics against them. They switched locations on them. Then, they invited them and offered coffee and donuts.  The Republicans even held contests with prizes for the protesters. A contest for best T-shirt, a contest for best sign; they even brought dog biscuits for the German Shepherds the unionistas brought with them. It wore down the union people and forced them to admit the Republicans were acting well.

It is possible that after the recall elections Republicans could have even more GOP senators in the legislature.

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