Czar Wars

News yesterday that the administration agreed to drop four czars – while adding seven – roiled me royally. In fact, the idea of a new “income redistribution czar” should make every American apopleptic.

Income redistribution? You mean like communism? Does the administration think we are that stupid? Why this didn’t get more play, I don’t understand. The idea of income redistribution alone goes against everything our nation stands for or stood for.

The other new czars they’d like to have include a land use czar, mortgage, radio/internet fairness, student loan, voter list and zoning. If you can’t see the politics behind each of these, you probably shouldn’t be voting. All of them play towards controlling certain constituencies that trouble the Democrat party or must be protected.  Think Fannie Mae, conservative talk radio, liberal institutions of higher learning, ACORN and Black Panthers and eminent domain.

Isn’t the control via czars enough anyhow? After all, these people are not confirmed by the Senate nor are they elected by the people. They are tools for the president, responsible only to him.

And how many are there? First, it seemed there were 44; other totals put it at two dozen, give or take a czar. The most recent list I could find was from January 7, 2011. Their number is 39. The death of Richard Holbrooke takes one away; he was the Afghanistan czar. Here are the others:  Aids czar, auto recovery czar, border czar, California Water czar, Central region czar, climate czar, domestic violence czar, drug, energy and environment, faith based, FCC diversity, government performance, Great Lakes, Guantanamo Closure czar, health, information, intellectual property, intelligence, manufacturing, Mideast peace, oil spill escrow fund, regulatory, safe schools, science, stimulus accountability, Sudan, TARP, technology, terrorism, urban affairs, war, weapons, weapons of mass destruction, 9/11 health, cyber, oil spill, economic and ethics.

So what do we have Congress for? Or the Senate? Or state governments and governors?

What’s next? How about a dog and cat czar? Well, rather than be discriminatory towards other species, a pet czar. How about a comedy czar? Obviously we Americans relish our humor and it needs to be controlled. A clothes czar could look into all kinds of issues. Baggy pants, saggy pants, too tight pants all need to be managed. How about a sandwich czar? I’d be happy to step up to the plate (sorry!) to fulfill that job. What about a traffic czar? He could decide speed limits, driving protocol and parking. Whatever Americans are doing, evidently we need a czar over us.

Steps have been taken by the Republican House to limit these czars. Nothing seems to be moving on it, though.

In the meantime we, the American public, need to find out more about this income redistribution czar. If not before, at least in 2012 when we can removed the czar of the czars – Obama.

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