Rush Talks to Trump

“The country is in serious, serious trouble as it never has been before,” said Donald Trump to Rush Limbaugh on his radio program today.

“I love this country,” Trump continued, explaining why he would leave the job he loves to challenge Barack Obama for the top  job in the world.

Although he hasn’t completely made up his mind and “will make an announcement prior to June and I may announce on the final episode of The Apprentice the date I will hold a press conference about it,” Trump has noted his rise in the polls. “People look at me as someone who knows what he’s doing.”

Rush quickly went to questions about statements Trump has made  in the past. “What did you see in Obama three years ago that has changed?” Rush asked, quoting upbeat post election statements Trump had made.  “I wanted him to do great, but he’s not and he won’t be and he doesn’t have the capability to be president,” Trump replied.

Rush went on to ask Trump’s opinion on a topic  many conservatives have grappled with:  whether Obama and his administration are incompetent or purposefully damaging the country.

“I personally think they are incompetent,” Trump said. “He’s a good campaigner, but he’s the worst president ever.” Trump commented that he has contacts in business and all over the world and would easily be able to tap experts who could help the country.

“Take China,” Trump explained. “If you said to them that we would put a 25% tax on all of your products coming into our country, we probably wouldn’t have to institute it because they would come to the table. We are rebuilding China. When I see Obama having a dinner at the White House for them when they’ve been screwing us for years – I wouldn’t have them for a dinner at the White House.”

Rush asked Trump his opinion on the debt ceiling and Paul Ryan’s budget.

“Why do we keep waiting on the debt ceiling?” Trump asked. He cautioned Republicans “to be careful and not get too far out” on the budget. “The Democrats say it is a strong attack on Medicare and when Ryan mentioned even touching Medicare, the Democrats are going to attack him unmercifully. I cherish senior citizens,” Trump concluded. “I do think this is Obama’s  fight and he should be leading.”

Rush wanted to know how the Donald would deal with the Democrats coming after him. “I’ve dealt with politicians all my life and with foreign countries so I think having a relationship with the other side of the aisle is a good thing and we can make a good deal. I do better under adversity then I do the other way.”

The birth certificate topic did not come up in the few minutes Rush had to interview Trump.

Today’s show was Rush’s annual Cure-a-thon donation for leukemia and lymphona, his special charity. Last year he raised $3 million for it. Today, Donald Trump helped out with a donation of $100,000. He chided Rush to ask him tough questions anyhow – which he did.




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