Words This Week

Some interesting rhetoric this week as politics heats up.

I greatly liked the new verb “to Franken.” It was used in this context – “The Wisconsin governor Scott Walker  said Wisconsin won’t allow unions to ‘pull a Franken’ in the state Supreme Court race.” He refers, of course, to Al Franken, self proclaimed comedian turned senator after initially losing the race in Minnesota to Norm Coleman. Six months of vote manipulating finally brought Franken the prize he wanted. Luckily, Kloppenberg didn’t get to Franken as Prosser maintained his 7,300 vote lead over her despite union efforts.

“Welcome to the party, pal” is a phrase I particularly liked. Father and son investigators Hagmann and Hagmann wrote an article in Canada Free Press regarding their look into Obama’s birth and other records. They were alarmed by what they didn’t find. Now that Donald Trump has started looking into the matter, the two say “welcome to the party, pal.” The quote comes from Bruce Willis’ character in Die Hard. He keeps finding bodies in a building but can’t get the attention of law officials until he throws one out the window with that declaration. Maybe some more media will come to this party.

E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post has slapped a term on freshmen Tea Party Republicans.  “Fire-eaters” refers to them and others like Mike Pence. Dionne says they won’t compromise and are a “band of fanatics who hate government so much that they relish the idea of closing it down.” I think he can do better than that.

“Fortunate” became an unfortunate identification in Obama’s speech Wednesday on the budget battle. “The most fortunate among us can afford to pay a little more,” he said. Blogger Atlas Shrugged noted that “whenever President Obama discusses the wealthy, he refers to them in a manner that assumes they simply fell into piles of money and didn’t have to work for it. ‘They are just fortunate.'” She notes he references Warren Buffet as fortunate, however “he used focus, drive and sweat” to get there. Perhaps not the most fortunate choice of words, President Obama.

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