James O’Keefe’s New Hit

James O’Keefe is famous for his ACORN video and recent NPR takedown. Now he has a music video out.
It’s called the “Landrieu Dance” and you can see it on YouTube. It’s his answer to his experience in New Orleans where he got in trouble trying to show Senator Landrieu’s office was ignoring phone calls to her office that were in opposition to Obamacare.

It’s interesting to see him use song and dance to get his message across. He’s actually quite good. Landrieu gets a hit as do the media liberal all stars.

He took part in another video more than a year ago. It’s called “Victicrat” and takes place in South Central Los Angeles. O’Keefe can do a good Michael Jackson imitation.

Check it out. Anyway he can reach people is a good thing.

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