What Happened to Jan Brewer?

Tough talking Arizona Governor Jan Brewer surprised many yesterday when she vetoed a bill that would require a presidential candidate to show his or her birth certificate to get on the state’s ballot.

Why? It’s perplexing. The bill has enough votes to survive a veto. Brewer seemed to signal earlier that she agreed with the bill. What happened? I haven’t seen any decent explanation of her actions yet, even though she tried to defend it to Greta Van Susteren last night. It was a pretty limp explanation. Did someone “get her mind right?”

Then, Brewer went on to veto a bill that would have allowed guns on certain parts of campuses. She reassured Arizonans that she’s still pro gun, but what the heck?

Odd, too, that she vetoed another bill that would have directed the governor to enter into a specific compact with other states on behalf of Arizona in connection to the health care bill. Don’t get that one, either.

There is yet another bill pending that the legislature hopes she passes. It, too, deals with health care and would allow more people to buy health care across state lines.

Wonder what she’ll do about that one?


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