There Is Some Decency Left

On April 24 the blog Wonkette launched a cruel attack on Trig Palin.

It was his third birthday and on that occasion the author Jack  Stuef  decided the Down’s Syndrome child of Sarah Palin deserved a hit. Here’s a snippet of his address to Trig. “Today is the day we come together to celebrate the snowbilly grifter’s magical journey from Texas to Alaska to deliver to the America (sic) the great gentleman scholar Trig Palin. Is Palin his true mother? Or was Bristol? (And why is it that nobody questions who the father is? Because, either way, Todd definitely did it.)

“…Enjoy yourself today, Trig. Have fun! Get drunk (on purpose this time)! We can hardly wait for 15 years from now, when you will finally be able to vote and will be sent off by your mother’s junta to fight the union in the Great Alaska War. It’ll be quite a loss. You’re the smartest one in that family.”

There’s more, but you get the gist.

The outcry from the blogosphere against this attack fortunately got the offensive article pulled. Even better, Wonkette began to lose a considerable number of advertisers. First, Papa John’s withdrew their patronage. Then Huggies, Vanguard, Holland America Cruises, Nordstrom, Bob Evans, Reliant Energy, DealSwarm, Coldwell Banker, clothier J. Jill, StarKist, Starwood hotels, T Mobile, Verizon, REI, Toyota, Betty Crocker, Finish Line, Adobe, Choice Task Force, TEA (Texas Education Agency) info, Ford, Gallery Exposure and  Coke.

Thanks, guys.

It’s one thing to attack a politician, but a mentally handicapped toddler? That takes  “sick”  to  a whole new level.

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