Dad Was a Dud?

Harvard didn’t think much or Barack Obama Sr., according to the PJ Tatler. They report: “Documents show that Obama Sr. was denied an extension on his student visa in July 1964 in part because Harvard University, where Obama Sr. was a Ph.D. candidate, sought his removal. Obama Sr. eventually left the U.S. willingly after becoming an illegal alien for remaining in the country past the expiration of his visa.

“An INS investigator, M.F. McKeon, wrote, ‘They (Harvard officials) weren’t very impressed with him and asked us to hold up action on his application until they decided what action they could take inĀ  order to get rid of him. They were apparently having difficulty with his financial arrangements and couldn’t seem to figure out how many wives he had.’

“Documents show that Harvard officials considered Obama Sr. to be a ‘slippery character’ and conspired with the INS to have him deported.”

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