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Blogger Instapundit (he’s a professor at UT Knoxville) reports that only four in ten Americans approve of President Obama’s handing of the economy. This makes an all time low. In addition, only 21% say the U.S. is moving in the right direction.

Does this spell trouble for Obama’s reelection? Take a look at Pennsylvania, where he won 55-44%. He’s dropped there, too. Independents there only give him a 37% approval. Instapundit related what a reader, Bill Archer, wrote to him. It’s interesting.

“As a Pennsylvania resident I can attest to the sea change in attitudes towards Barack Obama here.

It’s public, it’s palpable and it’s entirely due to inflation.

It’s astonishing to me that a bunch of guys who are supposed to be so smart think that women aren’t going to the grocery store and leaving in a state of shock, disbelief and, occasionally, panic.

And a Democrat who frightens women cannot win anything. Period.

I just started playing a sort of instant citizen poll at stores. It began a week or so ago at Sam’s Club.

I was in one of THOSE lines and ended up chatting with a well dressed middle aged woman with a cart half  full of grocery items.

I made mention of the fact that while I didn’t normally make the hike to Sam’s that with prices going up I figured I had to make the effort.

She exploded: Prices are sky high, she’s feeding three kids, eating store brands and sale items but can’t afford to stock up, on and on.

Then the lady in front of her piped in: If prices keep going up she doesn’t know what she’ll do, their budget is already at the breaking point, trying to keep  a daughter in college, off she goes.

Then a man in the next line overheard them and he jumped in: This is ridiculous, Washington is killing us, economy broken, he’s off to the races.

I thought maybe this was just a coincidence, so I’ve started the same conversation in store lines twice more in the past week and it’s exactly the same: People are frightened and everyone wants to talk about it outloud.

The interesting thing to me is that everyone used to be very reluctant to speak out in public against Obama. You were always afraid some leftie whackjob would hear you and tear into you. You know what I mean.

But now the gloves are off, people are freaking out and Obama can raise five billion dollars for his campaign and organize until the cows come home and call everyone in the country a racist until he turns blue but it’s not going to convince anyone that they’re not paying an arm and a leg for half a cart worth of food.

There is no more basic thing to people, and it’s off the hook.

I don’t see how the Republicans could possibly mess this up. ”

Sounds like an interesting strategy. Engage someone in the grocery line in Memphis and see what they think. That might be your own private poll and a better indicator than all the Gallups, Zogbys and Rasmussens.

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