“We Got Him!”

The Navy Seals finally delivered justice to Osama Bin Laden and every American is glad.

While President Obama got to go on TV last night and announce the good news, Bin Laden’s death was brought to us courtesy of the U.S. military and the efforts of the Bush administration.

Karl Rove noted on Fox this morning that President Obama misspoke when he said he had given the orders to kill Bin Laden. That order was given by President George W. Bush  a decade earlier; it had never been rescinded.

Bush was proved right again regarding Guantanamo Bay and overseas prisons. The latest information says tips were given up on the mastermind’s whereabouts by Khalid Sheik Mohammed at Gitmo and from others in overseas prisons.

Rove applauded the capture but said, “I do think we need to step back. This is a moment of great danger for the Obama administration in that people now think that we’ve got Osama Bin Laden and this is over and the president’s already got numbers upside down on the conduct of the war in Afghanistan. He needs to now engage the American people and help them understand that as important as this was, we still have a long way to go to tear down al Qaeda and to make Afghanistan an ally in the war on terror. Now is the time that we need to redouble or efforts before we can say things are done and let’s come on home. It’s going to take presidential leadership.”

Obama has promised to start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in July. However, this seems premature.  After the Bush administration captured Saddam Hussein, things did not settle down in that country and are still unsteady.

What does it mean for our relationship with Pakistan? Were they helping to hide him? Evidently Bin Laden was cheeky enough to pick a home by a military school in which to live. Will Pakistan face open revolt from Islamasists?

The disarray of the Middle East at this point is also troubling. Some have likened it to the Balkans in 1914. Will Obama be adept enough to avert further wars? It’s not clear.



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