Digging Through Rubble for the Truth

The fog of war seems to have invaded the White House and media. Since the killing of Osama Bin Laden, reports have been all over the place. First, the operation was started a week ago with Bin Laden’s DNA being tested in that time period.  Then it was within 24 hours; now it’s 48 or longer.Why can’t they get the story straight?

Then yesterday there was talk of a big stock market rally as Americans rejoiced and felt confident once again. Only the reality at the end of the day showed America yawned. The Dow Jones actually dipped 3 points. Once again, pundits erred.

Then we were told it would give Obama’s campaign a big boost. The polls would show that Americans would realize he’s a good leader and his approval rating would be through the roof. Obama would be  a shoe-in for reelection> Analysts as profound as Joy Behar decided the whole 2012 election should be scrapped. She and others forgot that  Bush 41’s approval rating of 88% after the Gulf War did not win him a second term. Turns out, this morning, that Rasmussen finds “results for a single night of data collected on Monday show a modest improvement in the President’s Approval Index Rating. However, there was no improvement in the president’s Overall Approval rating.” Seems it wasn’t a silver bullet, as Obama might have expressed it.

In conjunction with this, we are told that Obama made the decision to go after Bin Laden when we got the tip on his whereabouts. But, not so fast. I’m reading a different account that sounds entirely plausible, given the president’s decision making hesitancy.

An Insider relates that there was a push to take Bin Laden out months ago. The senior White House staff resisted the efforts of Hillary Clinton, Bill Daley and Leon Panetta.  The information came from enhanced interrogation techniques used on Gitmo prisoners. Obama feared using something he had campaigned so vigorously against.

Seems the point of determination for the mission was made for Obama, not by Obama. Clinton, Daley and Panetta forced the president to engage. When the 48 hour go order was issued, Obama was told about it and had not requested it.  In fact, this person says, Obama people scrambled to abort the mission, fearing a Black Hawk Down scenario.

If you look at the picture released of officials in the War Room watching the video, you clearly see that Obama and Biden are on one side; Clinton, Daley and Gates on the other. Obama is in golf attire as if he had just been told to leave the links and take a look at this. His facial expression is not happy.

This Insider notes the whole operation was a coup within the White House and not the decisive presidential leadership presented by the media.

When a big event like this occurs, it is wise to let the dust settle before you settle on the truth. There’s a lot more to come out, it appears.

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