In a Nutshell

Steve McMann at American Thinker writes a superlative piece in “After Osama.” His observations are on point.

“The Middle East of today is a far more volatile area than two years ago. Egypt, the largest country in the region, is about to be dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Yemen is near a takeover by al Qaeda sympathizers. Libya is in the throes of a stalemate or quasi civil war with rebel forces that include a high percentage of radical elements and Iran is determined to undermine Iraq and control Lebanon and Syria as the hegemonic power in the region. All the above countries will be determined to eventually destroy Israel. The Middle East has become a tinderbox akin to the Balkans in 1914.

“So while America rejoices in the death of a truly evil man, we should understand the potential consequences and ask ourselves do we have the leadership at the helm that can navigate the violent seas upon which the country finds itself?”

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