Why work at the polls

Someone recently asked me why I bothered to work at the polls. It is boring, it is long, the pay is poor and it sometimes seems like a waste of time.

Then, you look at the elections such as the NY 23, New Jersey and Virginia; consider the ACORN videos, the Black Panthers in Pennsylvania and wonder how many fraudulent elections have taken place. Many times we Republicans have believed that we could trust our officials. Often we are outnumbered as workers. It can’t happen anymore. We must get in there and monitor what happens to ensure fair elections. Our military men give up years of their lives to protect this country. Certainly, civilians can give a little to protect freedom, too.

If Republicans are absent from black precincts, doesn’t that give a poor impression? We cannot give up on our neighbors. In the end it might be the person to person working together that changes minds.

At the least, it is a very educational experience to see how our system of governance works.

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