A Run for the Border

Yesterday’s performance by President Obama in El Paso was beneath the office he holds.

His disdain was evident from the moment Air Force One set down in Republican Texas.  Surprising that the media actually let us see him get out and greet officials,   chomping on gum as he got off the plane. The disrespect to officials couldn’t be more apparent. (By the way, he didn’t waste any time stopping to look at the flooding caused by the Mississippi or talking to inhabitants.  In fact, Jay Carney was asked whether he surveyed any of it and replied he didn’t even look out the plane window.)

Obama didn’t take long to start his attacks. Rather than look for ways to come together and solve the immigration problem he immediately attacked Republicans. “Maybe they’ll  need a moat. Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat,” the president said.  I’m surprised he didn’t suggest rhinos; that would have even alienated the RINOs.

Rory Cooper of the Heritage Foundation tweeted: “Cannot believe Obama said GOP wants an alligator filled moat and then called for a serious border debate in the same speech.” Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner tweeted this: “Barack Obama, whose TSA grops kids if they want to fly on a plane, mocks a border wall.” Precisely.

Everything he said was meant to inflame, not to solve a problem. His humor comes from mocking others. Even Michelle isn’t immune as when he recently said “don’t get between Michelle and a tamale.” Can you imagine President Bush saying anything like that about Laura? Bush’s humor was always self deprecating. A confident person will do that; an insecure one will strike out at others.

It takes a lot of chutzpah, too, to brag about border security when a shoot out just across the border from El Paso killed 15 people last week.

This was such an obvious play for Hispanic support that it was embarrassing. Hardly seems like the “uniter” he said he is.

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