Watch Dog Offers Ideas

The Commercial Appeal reports today on the Shelby County Commissioners’ meeting on the proposed employee pension overhaul. They are grappling with the issue of more retirees entering the system as coffers are low in city government. Labor leaders dispute that and insist the financial situation is good.

Enter Joe Saino. The Memphis activist for fiscal responsibility attended the meeting and “proposed a pension plan that would invest in the private market but match the promises of Social Security,” the paper recounts. “Saino is an activist on local government issues who was involved in the task force appointed by former interim mayor Joe Ford that came up with Plan D.”

You may remember that Saino  ran against  Shea Flinn in 2007 for his City Council seat. Saino argued at that time against government waste in the Herenton administration.

It’s good to see that Commissioners Chris Thomas and Terry Roland are receptive to his ideas.  A successful businessman and lifelong Memphian like Saino has a lot to offer.

His Memphis watchdog website has been updated and now you can read his thoughts at

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