The Week in Words

The fight over the debt ceiling and the budget brought about some interesting new terms this week. One was offered by Juan Williams on Fox News Sunday.
“Casino politics” was what he called it. Asked about who would fold in the debate, Williams said, “What you’re looking at here is basically casino politics with everybody bluffing in the room and everybody looking for some sign about what the other guy’s gonna do. What we’re seeing, I think, from Boehner is basically posturing.”
Rush Limbaugh commented on it, betting that Boehner won’t fold and if he does, he’ll lose.
“Californication” popped up at Blogs for Victory. The writer explained that Californication is what residents call it when liberals move to a conservative state. “Here in Nevada, where liberals from California, fleeing the collapse of that liberal state, come here and start bothering us about environmental regulations, smoking bans and other such nonsense… all with the requisite tax and spending increases, of course.” Please, no Californication in Tennessee!
The announcement by Ron Paul that he is running for president alerted writer Michael Gerson to sound some warnings. “Paulsville” is what he calls Ron’s world where he would repeal laws against prostitution, cocaine and heroin. Gerson doesn’t want to live there. “Welcome to Paulsville, where people are free to take soul-destroying substances and debase their bodies to support their ‘personal habits.'” He continues with Paul asking “How many people here would use heroin if it were legal? I bet nobody would.” Gerson says, “The problem, of course, is that even people in the room may have had sons or daughters who struggled with addiction. Or maybe even have personal experience with the freedom that comes from alcohol and drug abuse. One imagines they did not laugh or cheer.” Touche.

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