Newt, You’re Dead to Me

Newt Gingrich appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show last night to try to repair the damage he did on Meet the Press Sunday.
Gingrich looked somewhat desperate last night with a forced smile pasted on his face. Underneath it he looked like he was very uncomfortable.
Gingrich said he had called Paul Ryan to apologize for his comments. He continued, saying his approach to Medicare would be to target waste. That is one of her big issues and she responded positively. She asked him about the Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Gingrich to the GOP – Drop Dead.” He grimaced. She asked him about a rumored bill to Tiffany’s where he supposedly owes $250-500,000. Gingrich could only grimace more and reply that he was about the issues and they are more important than personal stuff. That wasn’t a satisfactory reply.
He went on to use the phrase “Yes We Can,” another completely out of touch remark that personally, set my teeth on edge.
Republicans are upset with him for these and other reasons. He gave David Gregory a scalp (his own). He gave the Democrats ammunition for undermining Republicans’ efforts to fight Obamacare. He insulted us with his “right wing social engineering” remark.
Does the former Speaker understand the amount of trouble he’s in? Probably not. He broke trust with us.
The Daily Caller summed it up well: “This is the best Gingrich can do to fix things, unless he can convince Doc Brown to send him back to last Sunday so he can keep himself from saying that stuff.”
He’s a dead man walking.

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