Don’t Fall For It, Granny!

Here are some facts about Medicare to combat the Democrats’ scenario that Republicans’ plan throws granny off a cliff (No joke, there is such an ad).
Pollster Frank Luntz counters these claims with a few facts that demonstrate our precarious situation if we don’t address the problem.
1. “In 1965 life expectancy was 70. Today it’s 79. That big an increase was not anticipated in 1965 when Medicare was passed.
2. Baby boomers were 19 years old or younger then.
3. Because of medical devices and pharmaceutical benefits we live longer and healthier lives but it costs more than they anticipated in 1965.
4. One out of eight doctors is not taking Medicare patients anymore.
5. One out of three doctors are cutting back on Medicare patients.”
In addition, most people don’t realize that Paul Ryan’s plan will not kick in for 11 more years. If you are now 55 and older, you will not be affected.
The problem is more akin to grandmother going to her cupboard, which she had been told would be full of food, only to find there isn’t anything there. There won’t be anything there for any grandmother if the Democrats keep the status quo.

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