How About a New Car, Too?

Are we being punked by the letter in today’s Commercial Appeal or are our citizens this stupid?
Pat in Cordova writes about one thing missing from “a great event” i.e. Obama’s address at Booker T. Washington High School. He?/she? writes it was a great day, “but how much sweeter the day could have been for those students if even one of those politicians – Haslam, Corker, Alexander, Ford, Cohen, etc. – had done something tangible and given each student a laptop or computer to enhance the start of college for them.”
If you didn’t spray your coffee or drop your mug when reading this, we are in more trouble than I think.
But wait, there’s more. Pat continues, “After all, many of those politicians only came for the photo op or to rub shoulders with the president, so the least they could have done was to come bearing gifts.”
Let’s hope they’d be gift wrapped, too – at the least.
“They could have shown to those students how much they really care,” Pat concludes.
We all know that caring is much more important, I guess, than motivation, hard work, ambition and the work ethic.
Don’t we see parents who lavish gifts on their children later perplexed that Johnny or Suzy hasn’t amounted to anything, can’t get a job, much less keep one? Should we do this on a national level? Do we want young people thinking that the government will provide whatever they need so why do anything? Is that its role?
Where does Pat think this money will come from? Haslam’s coat pocket? Alexander’s sofa cushions? Corker’s car seats? Has Pat heard of the huge amount we owe other nations like China? I bet Pat wouldn’t like to fork over $1,000 or so personally.
Let’s hope this is satire. The tone argues against it, however.
And you think your vote doesn’t matter?

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