Words of the Week

Last week’s note about the term Californication (what happens when liberals invade a conservative state), took on a deeper meaning with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mistress. Let’s hope this trend stays in LaLaLand, although South Carolina’s former governor seems to have also suffered from this malady.
Newt Gingrich set off another fire storm with David Gregory when he spoke of Obama as the food stamp president. Immediately, charges of RAAACIST poured out. Gingrich defended himself and others agreed that probably more white people are on food stamps than black. As with his other outbursts, Gingrich didn’t enhance his status with his defense. Sarah Palin countered that perhaps Obama should be called the EBT president.
Lots of talk about the “Arab spring.” One wag said it was like “Irish Spring, only with more musk.” Actually, the term has been around for a few years. It was first used in connection with the Iraq 2005 election. Remember how Iraqis braved the terrorists and voted, dying their finger purple as proof? The Obama administration likes to think it has launched another Arab spring with demonstrations in Libya, Egypt and Syria.
The outcome on those, however, doesn’t look to promising.

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