Special Election Today

A few months back New York Republican Congressman Chris Lee resigned his seat after a scandal involving emails and a shirtless picture of himself he sent to a woman on Craigslist. New York-26 was considered a safe Republican seat, but today’s special election to fill that vacancy may disprove that.
Jane Corwin (R) has fallen behind Democrat Kathy Hochul in some polls. Another candidate, independent Jack Davis, has served as a spoiler for the race. A self dubbed Tea Party candidate who doesn’t support Tea Party values, Davis has taken votes away from Corwin.
Political analysts are scrutinizing this race since Corwin has come out in favor of Paul Ryan’s Medicare revamping. Should she lose, they will call it a precursor of doom for the GOP. The Republican party of New York has certainly had its troubles and doesn’t seem to have direction. They need to get their act together and produce a victory tonight.

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