Weiner Denies Naughty Photo

Rep. Anthony Weiner, a particularly loathsome* Democrat from New York, finds himself in a bit of a pickle.
The scrappy legislator denies that he sent a photo of himself undergoing – shall we say a “transformation” south of his “equator” – to a female college student in Seattle.
Politico reports “a photo of a man’s bulging gray boxer-brief underwear was posted to Weiner’s account on yfrog – an online image-sharing site – on Saturday night, according to Biggovernment.com, which is run by Andrew Breitbart. The photo is from the waist down, and shows no face,” write Jonathan Allen and Ben Smith.
Weiner is claiming the whole thing is a hack job on his twitter account. Biggovernment.com and Ace of Spades HQ blog (ace.nu.nu/) have examined everything and dispute the Congressman’s claims. You can go to their sites and follow their very full investigations.
Interesting, isn’t it, that New York 26 just had a special election prompted by Rep. Chris Lee (R) who resigned after he sent a shirtless photo of himself to someone on Craigslist. Lee quickly owned up to it and resigned.
Interesting, too, that Weiner, 46, is considered to be the frontrunner for the New York City mayoral election in 2013. He married an aide to Hillary Clinton just last year.
*Loathsome – remember this clip?

Or this one:
Weiner was also an assertive proponent of Obamacare.

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