Cain Readies His Run

If you are not familiar with presidential candidate Herman Cain, it’s time to take a look at him.

He spoke at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference last year and immediately connected with the audience. He said at that time that “there might be a dark horse entering the presidential race” and in the past few weeks he officially threw his hat in the ring.

Jason Horowitz writes an informative profile of him in the May 30 Washington Post. “Just Who is Herman Cain and What does his presidential run mean for the GOP?” tries to answer its own question.

Cain, born in Memphis, moved to Atlanta with his family. His father was the chauffeur for Robert Woodruff, the president of Coca Cola. To tip his chauffeur Woodruff tipped him with stocks, allowing the family to send Herman to Morehouse College. He went on to get an advanced degree in computer science from Purdue. He worked for Coke, Pillsbury and then took over a floundering Godfather’s Pizza and put it in the black.

In 2006 he survived a stage four battle with cancer and has been a radio talk show host in Atlanta. He’s known as the Herminator to his fans.

A Tea Party enthusiast, Cain supports a flat tax. He takes heat for being a conservative but is an unwavering one.

Be sure to read the article. This “dark horse” just may make it to the finish line.

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