Channel 5 on Your Side – If You’re Anthony Weiner

You don’t have to look far to see the media bias towards the Democrats with Channel 5 on the job.

Last night at the 10 p.m. news both Ursula Madden and Joe Birch introduced the story about Congressman Weiner’s Twitter picture of his – ahem, excited briefs – with the assumption that he is innocent.

Madden relayed it this way, “A New York Congressman wants to take legal action after his Twitter account was hacked. New York representative Anthony Weiner (she mispronounced it as Wine-er) said a lewd picture was sent from his personal account Friday. The 46-year-old Democrat believes the tweet was a prank, but he has retained a lawyer to see what civil or criminal actions could be taken. The photo was quickly deleted.”

While it should not be assumed that the congressman is guilty, neither should it be assumed that he is innocent. Weiner has not proved that his account was hacked by any means. His press conference yesterday did not answer any questions about it.

Weiner was asked if the photo was of himself. His reply: “You know, look, I’m not going to talk about this anymore. I think that if I was giving a speech to 45,000 people, and someone stood up and heckled in the back, I wouldn’t spend three days talking to him. I’m going to get back to the conversation I care about.”

Then reporters asked him if his account was hacked and was he the victim of a prank? Weiner responded, “I’m not convinced that there’s any value any more of me talking about it. I understand you’ve got to do your job and I’m going to get back to work. There are some enormously important things, and I believe this has been a distraction. I’m not going to let it be so anymore.”

They asked why he was following a 21-year-old college student on Twitter. Again he said, “I appreciate the questions. I understand you’re doing your job but this is now a couple of days later. I’ve got to finally get back to work and focus on things I want to focus on.”

Asked if he was concerned about the security of Facebook and Twitter accounts, Weiner said, “I’m going to return to working on things that I care about. I’ve participated in the story a couple of days now, given comments on it. This is a distraction and I’m not going to let it distract me.”

OK. If any of those seem like an answer to Channel 5, I’d like to know. Sounds like he’s spinning furiously.

We’ve all heard the “I’ve got to get back to the business of running the country bit” and the “It’s been a few days ago so let’s move on bit.” I’m surprised he didn’t say he dropped his camera and it was an accident bit. Maybe that will be next. But as Byron York observes today in the Washington Examiner, “Many members of Congress have Facebook and Twitter accounts and the possibility that those accounts could be sabotaged by someone seeking to destroy a politician’s career is troubling. For that reason alone, it seems likely that public officials, if not Anthony Weiner himself, will want to know more about what really happened in this case.”


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