New for Seniors

Talk radio host Hugh Hewitt is launching a new site for senior citizens. It’s No, it’s not red as in Communism, but red as in red Republican states.
“I am collecting emails from interested seniors so that I can send out a newsletter listing the campaigns of greatest importance to conservative seniors so that those seniors know where best to invest their campaign contributions and volunteer energies,” Hewitt says. “I am also posting there stories of interest to seniors, especially about the Medicare debate.
“I’d like to build a small but effective version of Emily’s list, the left wing club of like minded contributors, but with the key difference that Red Senior subscribers would support with contributions those candidates who aim to save Medicare and Social Security from bankruptcy while protecting those already in or near to joining the ranks of those depending on the programs.”
Sounds like a good way to be informed on those topics and to counter the left’s arguments.

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