Nickas Addresses Midtown Meeting

Adam Nikas
Touting the “most meaningful legislative accomplishments in the shortest amount of time,” Adam Nickas described the successful first session of the new Republican majority Tennessee legislature to members of the Midtown Republican Club last night. The executive director of the Tennessee Republican Party, Nickas elaborated on what was done.

“The budget was cut by a billion,” he said, “with 70 million put aside for a rainy day fund. They lifted the cap on charter schools, increased teacher tenure from 3 to 5 years, enacted meaningful torte reform and Governor Haslam just signed a tough new meth law.”

All this happened because “we flipped 14 seats in the state house,” Nickas said, and grew our majority in the state senate. The Tennessee Republican party played a big part in it by recruiting candidates with solid conservative credentials, helping plan campaigns, volunteering and making phone calls.

It is something they will be actively doing again next year, this time including the presidential race.

“Obama can be defeated,” Nickas said. “We will be asking, ‘are you better off than you were four years ago?’ With gas prices doubling, the housing market getting worse, a May jobs report of 9.1% unemployment and the average time it takes to find a new job at 40 weeks, the answer is no.

“The president says we hit a bump in the road, but it’s more like a dead end road,” he said.

Nickas, who helps lead seminars on campaign tactics and strategies around the state, promises that Memphis will be hosting one in the near future. “I’m working with (Shelby GOP Chair) Justin Joy to schedule a seminar here in August,” he said.

When the date is determined, our club will provide the information. As Nickas indicated it will be a helpful tool for all of us in Shelby County.

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