Candidate Kelly Price

A new candidate for Memphis City Council District 7 introduced himself at the Midtown Republican Club.
Kelly Price, an African American retired from a 21 year stint in the Army, will be challenging Barbara Swearengen Ware for the seat she has held for 16 years. She is currently under indictment on misconduct charges.
Mr. Price outlined his platform and detailed his love of Memphis and desire to move it forward.
“I have five children and two grandchildren and my wife and I do not want to see young people moving out of this great city,” he said.
Of his district, which includes Frayser, New Chicago, Douglass, downtown and other parts of North Memphis, Price wants to “get to know the people in the North Memphis area and have the police department back in the community. I want to bring training centers back to North Memphis to have training in green jobs, GED and job skill training.” On the economy, Price wants to “start to develop entrepreneurship with start up businesses…I want to energize the community to get involved in cleaning up, securing and creating a community for success.”
Mr. Price was an impressive speaker and will make a great Republican candidate.
You can read more about him at, follow him on twitter at kpricedistrict7 and on facebook.

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