Words of the Week

Lots of interesting turns of phrase this week.
For example, did you know there is an “anxiety index?” Perhaps it is related to the misery index we all experienced under Jimmy Carter. Pollster Frank Luntz asks questions to determine this, connecting it to the right track/wrong track measurements. Seems like it is high and climbing.
The Weiner saga continues to be a fertile linguistics field. Greta Van Susteren, Fox host, concluded he “sexted himself out of the mayoral race.” Maybe she said “sexed”; either would be appropriate.
Neil Cavuto on his show referred to the “fess up” four days after the Weiner denial. “Fess up” has a good feel to it and probably should always follow a mess up.
“Cyber harem” was another phrase spawned by Weiner’s peccadilloes. Hasn’t twitter and facebook brought a whole new dimension to politics?
Second to Weiner, Newt Gingrich had his own linguistics tango. Particularly good: “Newtiny” when his entire staff up and left him and “Newtered” what he did to his own campaign. National Review’s “Newt Is Moot” good, too.
Our biggest trouble spot, the economy, lead to “screwflation.” Hedge Fund expert Doug Kass explains it’s like stagflation with a dash of inflation. Lower interest rates hurt savers like the retired and elderly and then combine with the high cost of food and energy, screwing the average American. Sounds about right.

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