Hard Hitting Debate

Among the questions moderator John King put to the Republican presidential candidates the other night were some ridiculous choices.
The grunting CNN reporter asked such deep matters as Coke or Pepsi, Leno or Letterman, Elvis or Johnny Cash? (Maybe it’s this attitude and trivialities that got us Obama in 2008.) While we winced at home, the candidates squirmed at these asinine inquiries.
So at Democrat debates will the same kinds of questions be asked of presidential, senatorial or congressional candidates? If so, I have some that another moderator could apply.
For instance, the old Clinton favorite, boxers or briefs? Supposing some of the Democrats are women we could change that to Playtex or Spanx? How about rhinoplasty or botox? That one could swing to either sex.
Pinot grigio or chardonnay?
Lady Gaga or the Black Eyed Peas?
Crack or meth?
Portuguese water dog or rescue pup?
The New Republic or Mother Jones?
Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell?
CFLs or LEDs?
Whole Foods or Costco?
Well, you get the picture.
Wouldn’t that save us a lot of anxiety over those other issues like terrorism, the economy and silly old debt?

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