Where Are the Jobs?

Today’s jobs numbers came in at 414,000. That is a drop from the week before, but the tenth week of staying above 400,000.
Don’t count on that number to stay at 414,000 either. Each week the government has been reporting one number on Thursday, then upping it on Monday or Tuesday. Maybe they hope Americans won’t notice. We do. Last week was called 427,000; then changed to 430,000.
Unfortunately, too, this week more job layoffs have been announced. Lockheed Martin is cutting 1,200; Johnson & Johnson 1,000; Boeing 225; Disney 200; Ford 150. Some may seem small, but not if it impacts you. Not just the recently unemployed, but people who provide services and goods to those people feel it, too.
Job rolls also show shorter work weeks. These people have not lost their jobs, but their income has been cut.
You cannot have a recovery without jobs. More and more it looks like we are going deeper into recession.

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