Ms. Blackburn, Please Illuminate

Reading American Thinker blog this morning, I almost spit out my coffee when I came upon this headline: “Republicans Flicker on Light Bulb Ban Repeal.” Whaaat?

Writer Geoffrey Hunt asks why this simple piece of legislation has not seen progress since the Republicans took control of the House in January. One of the reasons they won was because the electorate was telegraphing to them their displeasure over government interference in our lives. Getting the government out of our lives is one of the basic tenets of the Republican Party.

No other issue so encapsulates our frustration than the bill banning incandescents. If the government can reach into your house and tell you what kind of light you must have on your bed stand, something is very wrong. We need fewer regulations, not more. Where will it stop? The cereal bowl? Even now, the government wants to tell you what you can and cannot eat.

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee chaired by Republican Fred Upton. I have heard Ms. Blackburn talk about the repeal of the bill and promise that they will do something about it, but now I am beginning to doubt her. Time is running out. On January 1, 2012, the 100 watt bulb will be banned. In 2013, the 75 watt goes, followed by the 60 watt in 2014. January is but a mere six months away.

With liberal Democrat Steve Cohen representing our district, Ms. Blackburn is the closest legislator we can turn to. Fortunately, she is in a position of power. Why isn’t she using it?

This issue seems like a no-brainer, win-win for Republicans. Climate change theorists have been shown to be frauds. Workers in the U.S. have lost much needed jobs to China over this issue. The economy’s weakness means it is hard for lower income people to buy expensive CFL bulbs. Health officials decry the mercury danger they present.

Environmentalists have to be concerned about their proper disposal.

There hasn’t been a better opportunity than now to get rid of this piece of trash legislation.

What’s the hold up?

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