Whistleblower Talks About Fast and Furious

If you’ve wondered where J. Christian Adams has been, he surfaced today on Fox News.

Adams is the former Department of Justice attorney who blew the whistle on the Department’s handling of the Black Panther voter intimidation that happened in Philadelphia in 2008. He told interviewer Megyn Kelly how officials there refused to pursue charges in that case, even though it was obvious what was going on.

Today he discussed Operation Fast and Furious with Alisyn Camerota. She asked if the head of the ATF would lose his job after the congressional investigation by Darrel Issa.

“Of course Ken Melson’s going to lose his job, he’s a Bush guy,” Adams said. “The head of the ATF doesn’t do something like this without the approval of the DAG – the Deputy Attorney General – who at the time was Gary Grindler or the Attorney General himself. This kind of behavior is positively Nixonian. What we’re learning every day from the Justice Department, it’s a lot like the New Black Panther dismissal where they enabled lawless behavior, then they lie about it to Congress and the American people.”

“If Melson goes this shouldn’t be the end of the story because nothing gets done in the Justice Department in this bureaucracy without higher ups being briefed. We’ve learned that the Attorney General knew about the Black Panther dismissal before it was dismissed. It’s inconceivable that Gary Grindle r or the DAG or the Attorney General himself were not routinely briefed about Fast and Furious.”

If Ken Melson falls on his sword this week will congress continue investigating it?
“Obviously Senator Grassley’s going to push, Darrel Issa’s going to push… I mean this story is so outrageous that when I first heard about it in January I said this couldn’t happen. I called former Bush Justice Department people and asked what do you think about this? They said there’s no chance this is a real story. It’s like something you’d read in a novel, not a newspaper.

“There’s no question that Melson’s going to go, the only questions that remain are No. 1: how high does it go and No. 2: does the media outside of Fox News and Pajamas Media cover it?”

We’ll know soon.

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