Coffee With Kelly Price

Kelly Price sat down at Cafe Eclectic to talk to fellow Memphians about his vision for the future.

The candidate who hopes to unseat Barbara Swearengen Ware in District 7 for the City Council seat is alarmed that our leaders have not expressed any ideas for moving the city into the 21st century.

“I would love to have Mayor Wharton sit down and outline where he wants Memphis to go. Unfortunately, he hasn’t nor has any other person in local government,” Price said. Price pointed to the need for jobs in the city, the need for technological advancement and the need for straightening out our failing schools.

He also feels that our officials need to work together. He expressed disappointment at the council approval of a budget he thinks just kicks problems down the road.

These are some of the themes he will be discussing in his campaign. The election is October 6.

Price will inform us of future events and fund raisers.

If he could unseat the indicted Council woman Ware it would do a lot to help turn this city around.

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