Words of the Week

Remnants of the Weiner caper still seem to be spilling into the lexicon. It was suggested that he died – politically – of a Twitterectomy. Good one!
Dennis Miller confided to Bill O’Reilly that when someone starts off with Bush derangement syndrome it’s an “inverse barometer” that tells him the climate around this guy is all wet. He uses his inverse barometer to get a quick read on a person – and then move on.
We in Memphis suffer from the tendency of weather men and newscasters to abbreviate locales. You’ve heard them call Dyersburg “D-Burg” or Collierville “C-ville.” The tendency expands to people with some calling Tim Pawlenty T-Paw. We’re exporting this abroad now, calling Greek Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou “G-Pap.” It’s certainly easier.
High school students in Maryland must now add another subject to their notebooks. All public schools will now be required to have (and students must take to graduate) “environmental literacy.” It puts a new spin on the old tree of knowledge image, doesn’t it? Now you’d better hug it.

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