We arrived at the Hilton Riverside and stumbled upon Liz Cheney and Mary Matalin (figuratively, not literally) at the entry. For me they beat  any Hollywood celebrity I could see!

We got a seat early at the ballroom since we knew it would be packed. Ran into Charlotte Bergman in the hall who said ever since Cohen made his remarks she has had a lot of money come into her campaign funds. Great!

Mary Matalin introduced Liz Cheney. She praised her friend as being a great mother of five, Mid East expert and skilled political commentator. Liz Cheney did not disappoint when she took the podium. I was struck how much like her father she is. Unflappable, confident, sober and clear thinking.

She touched on the dangers of Iran and how Obama just doesn’t get it. She decried the move by the John Adams project, a bunch of liberal lawyers, who are stalking and tracking CIA agents who interrogated Al Qaeda members. They are telling their terrorist clients where these people go and sharing their pictures.

Cheney went on to rip his new nuclear policy. I see that Drudge has picked up on her comments at his site.

On the personal side, she said her dad is busy writing a book using mounds of yellow legal pads. He finally got connected to new technology but when he sends her an email he always says, “Dear Liz, this is your father speaking.”

She was great and everyone enjoyed her speech.

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