Blago Guilty; What’s Next?

Now that Rod Blagojevich has been found guilty it appears he has been quickly whisked out of the news.
Part of it could be that he’s a Democrat. The media doesn’t like to put that (D) next to a bad guy’s name, especially since we just had the Weiner (D) sexting scandal. After the verdict, Newsbusters played “Name That Party” and found that USA Today left it out as did the AP. Before the verdict the trial got very little play in the media, especially when Rahm Emanuel and President Obama were talked about as potential witnesses.
Then there’s the problem that Blago might decide to go Blabbo. Thomas Lifson at the American Thinker wonders if there will be a tell all book coming. Out of a job and in prison Blago will have lots of time to think back on all that happened and who was involved. Perhaps he struck a deal on the second trial with the administration and naively believed they would extricate him from the mess. He did turn to his attorney after the verdict and ask “What happened?” That seems to imply he expected a different outcome. Blago didn’t realize his brother Democrats had pulled an Alinsky on him. They used his tactic of isolate and freeze your opponent and escaped any sullying of themselves.
So Blago might be able to serve a dish of revenge up that is piping hot to a populace hungry for the truth. Of course, that may lose him a presidential pardon. It also might get him killed. By the way, anyone seen Tony Rezko lately? No?
The administration’s hero in all this has to be prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, he of the Karl Rove/Scooter Libby kerfuffle. (Incidentally, we seemed to get wall to wall coverage of every time someone coughed in that pathetic, non story obsession. Off the radar with Blago.) Patrick Fitzgerald prosecuted Blago on the second trial and successfully acted as a firewall against any connections between Blago and Rahm and Obama. He certainly kept any interested media (if any exist anymore) away from too much digging.
For this, he may very well be rewarded with the post of Attorney General at the Department of Justice. Eric Holder has been Obama’s firewall there, but now may have to be thrown under the bus. The Gunwalker aka Fast and Furious case seems to be reaching all the way to his desk. The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms chief, Ken Melson, doesn’t seem to want to go under the bus. He may pull a John Dean and let fly.
Darrel Issa, chairman of the House Oversight committee, seems to understand that getting Holder out may lead to a lot of dirty linen in the White House. Holder, one of the first named to a post by Obama a full two months before his inauguration, obligingly refuses to share much info with investigators. He successfully detoured the Black Panther case, has kept a lid on investigations such as ACORN and looked the other way when the White House holds fundraisers at the mansion, in violation of federal election laws.
Even if Fitz fits in, Blago’s story and other ones surfacing may hit Obama. There are indications that some of the assault weapons from Fast and Furious have ended up in Phoenix suburbs with deadly effects. A supposed million dollars given to the ACORN connected Citizen Services Inc. by the Obama campaign months before the November election may see the light of day, too.
Rod, if you want to get revenge, start talking. Plenty of people are ready to listen.

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