Obama’s Awful Press Conference

Besides getting his daughters’ ages wrong, Obama erred in his press conference yesterday in attempting to use class warfare to get the Republicans to lift the debt ceiling.
He was obsessed by corporate jets, which he mentioned 6 times. He railed against limousines for executives, too. Obama didn’t mention that he and his fellow D’s put these treats in the stimulus via a tax break for businesses to help buy their own planes. Besides, the revenues from higher taxes such as those can’t possibly breach the gap between what the U.S. takes in and what we give out.
Obama talked of leadership which was rich coming from someone who burns up the golf links every chance he gets. As he did when in the Illinois Senate he voted “present” on the issue by tossing it to Vice President Biden. He scolded the House for being on vacation and then after his press conference met with the WNBA champs to congratulate them in the afternoon.
The Wall St. Journal’s take was spot on. They wrote “Obama clearly wants all Americans brought down to a shared level of misery – except, of course, our federal overlords who will continue to demand their own personal jets, international family travel at taxpayer expense, lifetime health benefits while being excused from the ravages of Obamacare and of course their recurring exemptions from all other laws they impose on us lowly serf taxpayers. Obama wants class warfare? Well he got it: Americans vs. their elitist, corrupt, irresponsible, thieving government.”

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