Get to a Parade!

A Harvard study has come out with some startling information: Fourth of July parades benefit Republicans.
At least it was startling to the media and Democrats.
To us who attend them or watch them on TV we like the patriotic songs, admire the patriotic figures honored and revel in all things American. It is a more Republican attitude than Democrats who since the 60s have weighed in on the negative things the U.S. has done and tend to like a more global outlook.
According to the study, the effect of the parades is even more far reaching than one day. It energizes Republicans and gets more of us to turn out on election day. It influences kids who are more likely to end up GOP when the time comes for them to vote.
In Midtown we are fortunate to have an annual parade down Carr every 4th. There is a competition for floats and costumes. Our children loved to participate. The first time my five year old daughter went as an American eagle. We rigged up the costume for her, but forgot how hot it would be. She won, though, and so avoided any ruffled feathers. Another time she went as Benjamin Franklin and her little sister as his kite. Quite beyond my sewing skills, but they won then, too. As they got older they paired with friends and were rarely disappointed at the judging table. No one had to do it; it was a fun summer activity. A bonus was they learned a little American history along the way.
Since then we’ve continued to have Uncle Sam, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross and others walk the block lined with neighbors manning food stands and, in election years, politicians handing out fans and pamphlets.
Last year our Midtown Republican Club staked out a site to hand out water bottles labeled with our club elephant mascot. In our neighborhood few think Republicans even reside here. Many were surprised and, I suspect, some of them were silently happy we were there. Only one “official” objected to our displaying the Shelby County Republican banner. Silly, because we would have been OK with a Democrat club having a spot, too. We obliged her and took our big sign down.
Maybe she knew more than she thought at the time. The next month, Republicans swept the local races. It was completely unexpected by the Democrats and the media. Just sayin’.
Sadly, the opportunity to set up our site did not materialize this year. At least there is no big election coming up. But next year, we Republicans need to get out and strut our stuff.
At least that’s what the top minds at Harvard say.
I’m willing.

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