Look in the Mirror, Joe

Democrats always describe their own tactics and thoughts when they attack Republicans. What better way to hide what you do than to accuse someone else of it? For instance, Vice President Biden spoke yesterday in Las Vegas at a Teamsters rally.
“Now our Republican friends have a different view,” he said. “These guys actually believe … that a strong U.S. economy rests upon an ever increasing concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a relatively few enlightened guys they think are smarter than we are.”
Can there be a more apt description of what the administration in Washington is doing than that?
The government is taking more and more power away from the people. Increasingly Americans will vote on an issue only to see it overturned in the courts.
The president has jumped over Congress in fighting a war in Libya most Americans are against.
Our health care is taken away from us by their one party rule of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare. Republicans were shut out of any discussion when the bill was being formulated.
Wall Street biggies gave to Obama in 2008 more than they had given to Republicans. The biggest, wealthiest executives and corporations like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, TV executives and Hollywood producers are Democrats. The more money they contribute, the larger say they have in our government. Talk about the “hands of a relative few!”

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