Thaddeus McCotter

Yet another Republican has thrown his hat in the already crowded ring.
Thaddeus McCotter, a five term congressman from Michigan, announced he will be running for president. He certainly doesn’t have a high name recognition at this point. The 45-year-old graduate of the University of Detroit law school is a member of the House Financial Services Committee. He plays the guitar, has a wickedly keen dry humor and his followers dub him Lincolnesque.
I heard him last year at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. At first I thought the serious, quiet man would be a speaker who would just raise Republican talking points and ideas at his time at the lectern. He did, but he did it McCotter style, which is to say humorously, engagingly and meaningfully.
I wished he would speak again. Ever since, any time he is going to be on TV I try to catch it.
McCotter understands how important it is to reach an audience. He told the Daily Caller, “the conservative movement must also confront and conquer its penchant for expressing its views in (to be kind) the lamest fashion imaginable,” he said. “For, as Tennyson instructs us, ‘the truth is always freshest in the fashion of the day.'”
As you will see in the clips below, he understands the fashion of the day very well.
His platform fits Republicans very well, too. In short, he has five points.
1. Our liberty is from God, not the government.
2. Our sovereignty is in our souls not the soil.
3. Our security is from strength not surrender.
4. Our prosperity is from the private sector not the public sector.
5. Our truths are self evident not relative.
How does he translate these ideas into action? He says he will push for a restructuring of government and for Wall Street banks to use bailout money for loans. McCotter just introduced HR2261, “a bill that will end U.S. contributions to the U.N. if it takes any action that attempts to impose upon and exacerbate the situation by acknowledging or authorizing Palestinian statehood absent the free and full consent of our trusted ally, Israel.”
McCotter understands the Tea Party and what they bring to the GOP. He’s quick on his feet and good in a debate.
Hard to say whether he has a chance in the primary. Perhaps he is jockeying for a position in a Republican administration. Whatever his reason, at least it keeps the opposition researchers at Democrat HQ in Chicago busy looking for dirt on yet another candidate.
As you can see from these clips, however, it will be an entertaining campaign.

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