Words of the Week

This column is little delayed because of the holiday, but there were plenty of phrases bandied about last week.
I liked “brainwashed lemmingerati” by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge blog. He was referring to those who think the economy is doing well and will follow the administration’s propaganda to the bitter end. It certainly was an odd week for the stock market to do well, despite bad news and the Greek situation.
Ace of Spades had an apt description of Chris Matthews. Matthews had criticized conservatives with the tired belief that they are racists. He noted that MSNBC seems to be whiter than white and pointed out the comments coming from “Chris Matthews’ milky, fetid coinslot.” Touche.
The image of the president put out at American Thinker by Bernie Reeves deserves a kudo. In “The Fatal Flaw Crippling the Recovery” Reeves described Obama as “a hologram you can put your hand straight through.” Others have concurred, noting in the 2008 campaign candidate Obama was whatever his audience wanted to believe he was; more a mirror image than reality.
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain bemoaned the economy, calling Obama’s stimulus “popcorn projects that keep failing and wasting money.” Junk food in the Obama diet? Michelle would not like that.
Then Mark Halperin’s comment on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” describing the president as a dick, was perhaps the most remarkable word of the week. Funny that Halperin wanted to give his real thoughts in a time delay to be removed. Guess he likes to keep his analysis hidden from the public. Good journalism, eh? Anyhow, it lead to the discovery of another word meaning the same thing – a tallywhacker. Learn something every day.

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