Brother, Can You Spare a Billion?

What a country! We Americans, those who decided to peruse the late Friday pre-holiday document dump the administration did, learned that the cost of creating a new job from stimulus money was a mere $278,000 per job. And we only spent $666 billion (does that number have some significance?) doing it. Why, according to the White House Council of Economic Advisors, this lifted our debt to a manageable debt of $14.467 trillion dollars and growing.
We should all rejoice. Geniuses in D.C. invented jobs that pay probably $50,000 by spending $278,000. How do you like that math? Had we just handed out money, say $100,000 to an unemployed person, we’d have spent less. Is this new math? If so, I must have been sick that school day.
When you consider how much money we’ve put in cars for Detroit, I guess that saved money, too. Billions to GM, especially for green cars. The fact that few are buying them, even with a $7,000 credit, when the $40,000 price tag is less than the total cost of the car, you can see we’re on the road to Easy Street.
Let’s not forget that we pay people not to grow food, too. We pay for ethanol instead of corn to eat and when the food price goes up wonder where we went wrong.
The Fed tells us there is no inflation, but our house values and the dollar keep sliding down. Minus food and energy, they tell us (what’s more vital than food and energy?), we’re doing just fine.
Of course, when Obamacare hits we can expect to get less health care coverage but pay a lot more in premiums. Pay more and get less. That seems to be the Obama way.
Let’s see, when I go tomorrow to get my iced decaf grande latte with skim I guess the $78 they are asking for it should be a good deal. Especially when they fill it only three-quarters full.

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