Anthony Verdict and Politics

What could the not guilty verdict for Casey Anthony mean in connection with politics? They might not seem to correlate, but I think they do.
First, it tells you that the media sees everything through their own filter. It shows the gulf between what they see and think in their studios and what reality is. It shows their unbelievable hubris. They were so sure that a guilty verdict would be handed down that they forgot their duty is to report facts, not speculate.
In 2008 they did not stick to the facts when it came to Obama either. A genius in college? Of course, just don’t ask for the actual grades. Little experience in legislation? In running a business? In international politics? It didn’t matter to them because they liked his liberal, utopian, Democrat vision. As the jury felt with Casey Anthony, she/Obama meant well; she/he couldn’t possibly do anything so wrong. Why rely on facts?
The verdict also shows the quality of the American people today. Uneducated is just one factor. How the jury could find Casey guilty of lying to police four times, yet dismiss it and conclude that she wasn’t lying in other situations boggles the mind. There was no time spent on logical thinking in that group.
Nor was there any moral compass. Some of that has to come from the abortion industry. It’s not a big step from aborting a baby to killing one a few years down the road. Think this judgment is extreme? In Holland the Dutch have now OK’d ending the life of an old person suffering from dementia. We’ve just numbed our nation to evil when it comes up against practicality. Too many of us check the easy box when the moral test comes up.
Some now want to ditch the electoral college and go for the popular vote. Does this verdict make you feel comfortable were that to happen? It doesn’t me. There are big forces at work trying to overturn our electoral college. Like many things it is under the radar, but it is metastasizing faster than it should.
The jury reminds me of a statement by William F. Buckley. He believed government could be better run just by picking the first 435 names out of a telephone book. Similarly, the justice system would be better off picking people at random to be jurors. Now they try to dumb it down and find the most uninformed, victim sympathizing people from whom they can wring the verdict they want. That professional jury pundits have talked about sounds better and better to me.
We do not need to move from our representative democracy to mob rule.
The Anthony jury shows how many problems we have today, not just with our justice system, but it reveals cracks in American society. It showed the problems we have with values, our education system, media irresponsibility, the courts. Is this the way we’re headed? Is this what we have become?
We can still correct the situation in 2012. Let’s hope we do.

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