The Anthony Rule

I’m inventing a new rule. I have already been following it and suggest you do, too.
I’ll call it the Anthony Rule after the Casey Anthony verdict.
Last night and this morning there were rumors that Senator Kyl had said the GOP would agree to significant revenue increases in the budget deficit talks. At least so said Reuters. Conservative bloggers were apoplectic. Rumors flew.
I shrugged.
It didn’t sound like Senator Kyl. The number two Republican in the Senate has always been an honorable man. He had seemed staunch in his opposition to tax increases. I didn’t see why he would change now.
I’ve seen this so many times. Something is reported that Republicans don’t like and people panic. Later, you find out that the news media had twisted people’s words, heard a rumor and put it in print. Since there is really no one to call them on these ploys, when it doesn’t work out that way the media escapes any damage. So they do it amorally and often.
This morning it was reported that Senator Kyl did not say any such thing. He was getting calls at his office of outraged citizens and didn’t know why. Then, they saw that Reuters had misreported him.
Happens all the time. The media uses these ploys to make Republicans mad at their own party. They do it to manipulate public opinion. They do it to test the waters.
Don’t fall for it.
Use the Anthony rule. As in the trial, all the reports of the jury finding her guilty, all the pundits who swore she would be convicted jumped the gun so to speak. The truth was otherwise.
So when these outlandish reports surface, just wait until the subject confirms it or many sources report it. Don’t swallow it. Listen to your own instincts. If it sounds suspect, it probably is. Let the facts and the truth come out before everyone gets riled.

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