A Tale of Two Weddings

(R) vs. (D):  Could there be a better illustration of what they are than contrasting Jenna Bush’s 2008 wedding with Chelsea Clinton’s 2010, much ballyhooed affair?

Start right there – ballyhoo. The press has been fawning about it all weekend. The glamor, the glitz, the celebrity, the cost; it can’t be too much or too good for a Democrat’s daughter. Of course it must be lavish with lots of guests. Small and intimate is for losers like President Bush and Jenna.

Cost? Anywhere from 3 to 5 million for Chelsea. Estimates asses the catering at $750,000; flowers $250,000; music $40,000;  lighting 75-100,000; invitations $50,000. The supposed cost of the wedding cake alone is $11,000 which approximates to $22 a slice. Jenna had a tres leches cake with dulce de leche and whipped cream icing. Chelsea opted for a  politically correct vegan, gluten free wedding cake.

For Jenna it was $100,000 for the whole wedding.

The Bushes did it at their own home in Crawford, Texas, a red state if ever there is one.

The Clintons did not use their own home. They preferred to use  the Astor estate in New York, epitome of the blue state.

Donors paid for Chelsea’s big day, significantly George Soros, billionaire plus.

The Bushes paid for Jenna’s. They preferred family and friends to political chums.

But then again Jenna is a schoolteacher who went to Latin America and wrote a book about the young girl she found struggling with AIDS there, “Ana’s story.”

Chelsea worked for a Soros hedge fund and her husband was at Goldman Sachs.

I think those differences pretty clearly outline where Republicans and Democrats are coming from and their attitudes.

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