Verdict on Casey and on Us

Why did the Casey Anthony verdict rile so many people? A comment on a blog by Ipso Facto encapsulated for me why the whole tawdry tale was more than just one case and why it merits attention.
“To me (a man) the scary thing is how the jurors seem to have missed the significance on the FACT that the little girl, who was solely in her mother’s custody, ended up in a swamp with duct tape over her mouth and nose. Combining this with the FACT that the mother tried to conceal the little girl’s disappearance for quite some time, with some elaborately concocted lies tells me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the mother was responsible for the little girl’s death. When kids die in accidents, no innocent person tries to hide their disappearance, put duct tape over the mouth and nose and then throw them in a swamp in a plastic bag. Again, this may be circumstantial, however, anyone with the slightest bit of deductive reasoning skills should have been able to figure this one out.
“This leads to another peripheral yet relevant subject. For quite some time now our public schools, controlled by the far left, have been teaching kids WHAT to think instead of teaching them HOW to think. Why are we now surprised when adults seem to exhibit a clear lack of ability to think through and develop reasonable conclusions. It is also interesting to consider that with increasing globalization, companies are becoming quite large. In order to manage very large enterprises, management has had to engineer discretion out of many jobs. For example, at McDonald’s, they have a device that dispenses exactly the amount of ketchup management wants on every hamburger served, thereby making sure that the employee has no discretion over any part of their job. At many other places of employment, employees simply take what is brought to the cashier, loading dock or other point of processing and they scan the bar code. Is it possible that those in academe have long envisioned what many of us have not seen coming?”

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