Nit Twits

There is no more humorous writer in the blogosphere than Iowahawk. If you haven’t visited his website,, do; it’s a treat.
Of course, he had lots of questions for Obama’s Twitter Town Hall. Here are a few:
“How come you haven’t made unemployment illegal? #duh
Would you get tougher with Iran if you knew they were working with Scott Walker?
Is this question racist?
If Joe Biden has a massive stroke, (a) do you have a replacement in mind, and (b) how would you tell?
The staffer who suggested this twitter Town Hall is fired, isn’t he?
Subtract Malia’s age from the number of states. Multiply the result by the number of jobs saved or created.
When you’re visiting his volcano lair, does George Soros let you feed the laser sharks?
Why isn’t your cabinet unionized?
Instead of making cars get 62 mpg, why not 62 million mpg? Also, do something about the gravitational constant.
On behalf of the entire US population: dude, WTF?
Lets say instead of winning the future, we end up in a tie. Do we then go to sudden death overtime?
When your economic advisors hold policy meetings, do they stuff a towel at the bottom of the door?
Does it bother you that your Twitter stunt worked out better for me than you?
Will you be my 10,000th follower?”
There’s much more. Go check it out.

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